A short bio about how I got to where I am today.


My name is Mitch Heil. I am a Product/Still Life shooter working in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. I have been doing photography for about 2 years now, but have been creating much longer than that. In high school I took all the art classes and even an independent study with the art teacher. I made paintings, drawings, and a 15" car made completely out of drywall mud. After high school I joined the Army and served in the 2/504th PIR, 82nd Airborne for 5 years. After getting out I went to film school. It is there where my true passion for lighting came about.


I have worked on short films, 2 feature length films, several commercials, a bunch of music videos, 2 documentaries, and some industrial pieces here and there. I found myself loving being on set. I loved  playing with lights to create a certain mood. I loved cameras and I wanted to know everything about them. My thirst for knowledge never stopped inside or outside of school. Today I am continually reading more about lights. More about cameras. More about the business of photography. I still enjoy shooting video and working on video projects. At the same time I have been drawn into the world of products and food photography. I think I found my calling. Something about taking an ordinary object and making it look absolutely astonishing amazes me. I cannot get enough.