My name is Mitch Heil. I will post blog updates, things I learn, and basically ramble about whatever I want here. On other pages you can find my portfolio pages. This page is where you can learn who I am.


My name is Mitch Heil. I am a photographer based out of the Twin Cities in Minnesota. I have been working in the creative industry for a few years now. I started out in video production, but I am expanding to photography. While working on film sets I noticed where my place was. That was behind the camera and playing with lights. I was not a good producer and my editing skills are average. Where I excel at is sculpting with light. I love using it to create a mood or a feeling and to subconsciously drive a viewer to key focal points.  I never stop learning. Every day I scour the depths of the internet to learn the newest, latest, and greatest techniques and fill my brain with new technology.  


I will keep it short and sweet. I hope we can see eachother IRL as the nerds would say. I would love to take yer picture.