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Seeing colors

As people we all like to think we see color alike. My red is the same as your red. That is not always true. A popular YouTube account VSauce has videos that cover a wide gamut of topics. They are all crazy cool science related topics. I remember they made a post about color perception. If you ever get bored and want to travel the depths of YouTube and learn something in the process, give their channel a look see. You may learn something you never thought you wanted to know.

Photographers are familiar with a company called X-Rite. They make a product called the ColorChecker Passport . It has an array of colors used for calibrating images that were shot to be true. The calibration adjusts the colors to be what is correct, not necessarily what you see or what your monitor displays. While browsing Facebook I stumbled upon a page from X-Rite called the Online Color Challenge.

 X-Rite Online Color Challenge

The test is designed to challenge a user to put colors in order from one hue to another. There are 4 different rows. They provide you with the start and finish colors. It is drag and drop and is pretty simple to move swatches around. After you think your rows are in order you can check your score.

 X Rite Online Color Challenge Results

The test uses golf scores. Lower the score the better you did. I got a 3. I don't know how high the test goes, but I think it is in the hundreds based on the comments on the X Rite site. The test also shows you where your high weakness areas occured. Mine were in the green to cyan range. When I did the test there was 1 tile I was not sure about. After you see your scores you can submit your gender and see where you rank against others. 

 X Rite Online Color Challenge rankings

Unfortunately the results don't give you a graph. Only a lowest and highest score for your gender. 

 I think this is a good test to take. It helps you understand how you actually see color. I did this test on an Asus ProArt PA238Q monitor. It is an IPS panel and I calibrated it a few days ago. The monitor is pretty accurate as far as colors go. That is very important to me as a photographer and especially as a product photographer. I want to know exactly what color is being displayed to me. In the end I am delivering a client an image of their product. If the colors are off that is not their product.  

Seeing color is one thing. Actually SEEING color is another. Do the test and let me know how you did!